Blog No. 9 – The benefits of being part of ‘Birds of a Feather Masterminds’ on Facebook

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Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place sometimes.  You journey through your days with your head buzzing from all the ideas you have about your business.  Your heart swells every time you focus on your WHY and feel truly blessed that you have found just the right path for you.  You want to fulfil your life’s purpose and help others to achieve what it is you have discovered!

I have recently embarked on an amazing journey of self-discovery by connecting with a business coach who is able to help me with my clarity, my Niche, my ideal client and all the other admin aspects of running a business.  It is a must to be surrounded with positive people and if you are going to be a coach, entrepreneur or succeed in business you do need your own coach!  This is fantastic as you soon connect with others who are on the same journey.

It was through connections that I met up with two other phenomenal, inspirational and achieving women whose mind-sets were similar to my own.  This was music  to my ears.  We hit it off so well that we decided enough with the virtual world; let’s make this happen in the real world.  So we did.  A meeting ensued where we truly clicked and set our intentions.  Our first meeting ran on for four hours…WOW!  Ideas were flooding our minds but we had the lovely Tansy Muller keeping us to some kind of loose structure for our meeting.  Selena Boshorin was full of impressive business ideas and her experience was more than Tansy’s or mine.  We knew we were onto a winner so we set ourselves some goals and off we went to work on them and in our diaries was a date for a fortnight later.

One Skype call later, our excitement grew, we named our group and were ready to take flight and spread our wings as we launched Birds of a Feather Masterminds.  A group for people like us and more to meet, have fun, share their mastermind knowledge, skills and experience so that we could grow and also allow others to shine.  We have three benefits for you:

Benefit number 1 – Connecting with like-minded individuals

On joining there is a warm welcome to Birds of a Feather Mastermind group. A group designed for phenomenal individuals to bring their unique colours and grow whilst flocking and sharing expertise about a number of aspects to do with coaching, business and being an entrepreneur. Our followers nestle in and l do some serious masterminding!

 Benefit number 2 – Sharing ‘Daily  Little Bird Stories’

We thought we needed a structure , in the first instance, so that it was easier to manage and people would be able to make a choice when the wanted to join the group for sharing their mastermind knowledge, skills and experience, so we introduced Daily Little Bird Stories was hatched!

Daily Little Bird Stories

Monday – Mind-set Mondays

Tuesday – Techi Tuesdays

Wednesday – Wednesday’s Winning   Lifestyle

Thursday – Thankful Thursdays

Friday – Free For All Fun Fridays

Saturday – Saturday Shares

Sunday – Self-Love Sunday


Benefit number 3 – Having FUN with a great flock of birds…  

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