Secret! (Sshh…) You know that most people have anxiety and it’s part of being human.

You haven’t realised that your anxiety has become a habit. You can’t seem to help it and your anxiety is now your normal behaviour. (I know it was mine!)

I know, you’re fed up with the headaches, the palpitations and sleepless nights. Pills and potions seem to be the only answer don’t they?. Still not feeling good? Look no further. There are other ways to knock this on the head. Time to give it a go!

It’s your lucky day. That’s exactly what I do!

Help you release all of the negativity, mind chatter that cause the physical symptoms you’ve had enough of. Now, you can live your life anxiety free, panic free and phobia free

Life Coach

I’m Brenda Dempsey,

Life Coach – Specialist in Anxiety, Panic and Phobias, and my passion is helping creative entrepreneurs release their negative emotions so that they can journey to success and happiness: anxiety free, panic free and phobia free. I experienced many times in my adult life living with anxiety and panic. No more. I am in control.

I spent 20+ years teaching, coaching and mentoring young people and adults giving them confidence and self-belief to achieve small and great things in their lives. I change lives for the better. I am a certified NLP & Timeline Therapy Practitioner & Coach.

Feeling like a pleasant dream, my clients can drift off to explore their earliest experiences. This allows them to release the underlying experiences that brought about their anxiety, panic and phobia. They also learn how to deal with future experiences and now they are ready to live their life on their terms.

Through 1:1 VIP Days, a Personal Road Map (bespoke 6-12 week programmes) and my signature group programme “This is Your Life”, my clients enjoy being anxiety free, panic free and phobia free for a long time or even the first time in their lives. They feel lighter, brighter and happier.

You want to be:

Anxiety Free

Panic Free

Phobia Free

Try me FREE!

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I’m a mother of four beautiful grown up kids and six even more beautiful grandchildren. I have graduated from the University of Life with a PhD and a few healed wounds. I am well educated to degree level and beyond.


I spent twenty five years in teaching, coaching and mentoring others to improve their lives (making a difference as I was often told). In the last ten months I’ve experienced the Dragonfly effect! Now my new adventure begins making even more incredible changes to peoples’ lives.

I’m known for all of my travels (my partner’s influence). I love to cruise and in the last few years have been to some amazing places – Arabian Gulf, Mauritius and Vegas. Early mornings, sunsets and waIking are some of my favourite things. I also love sparkle, dressing up and am always ready to say “YES” to spending time with friends! I love people! Oh…I also run a charity!

My live is hectic and I would not have it any other way.

Official Me

(How Journalists Write About Me)

Brenda Dempsey is a “Life Changer” and creator of “This is your Life Road Map”. Passionate and determined she is on a mission to release Anxiety, Panic, and Phobias in others (Well your FEARS really). She knows the inner power we possess and is driven to change the lives of others so that they can radiate their sparkle for everyone to enjoy and be inspired.

More recently Brenda can be found hanging out online (especially Facebook) building relationships, supporting others, and creating charities. She loves to travel to broaden her horizons so that you can benefit from her intuitive coaching. Check out her Blogs, Guest Blogs, Daily Diamond™ and Inspiration at Join the First Class classroom here for free guidance, tips and support. (You’ll wonder why you never did before)

Words of Love

I have no words to express how grateful and blessed I am to have met Brenda and to have let her help me in a moment of need. I have been suffering severe anxiety for a few years now and panic attacks lately. I tried to cope with it on my own for a long time only to discover my situation was getting worse and worse to the point it started affecting my work, my social life, my health and the people around me whom I love the most. I did undergo a medical treatment but the pills only helped momentarily. Brenda literally came into my life as a God’s sent gift. She was determined to help me and introduced me to the NLP therapy which I didn’t know much about. I’m so pleasantly surprised that after just one session the anxious feeling was gone and I felt so relieved. She helped me address the problems which were provoking all that stress, negativity and anxiety and not only I feel much better emotionally but also physically. I am looking forward to our next session. I cant thank you enough Brenda for being there for me and helping me regain control over my emotions and life in general!

Victoria Velcheva –

Ready to Make that Change?

(Good, great courage)

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