Blog No. 8 – Try, Try, Try Again!

Robert the Bruce

The story of Robert the Bruce has remained with me for over forty years.  As a 9 year old pupil, I still remember my history lesson learning about Robert the Bruce and the spider.

It is said that in the early days of Bruce’s reign he was defeated by the English and driven into exile. He was on the run – a hunted man. He sought refuge in a small dark cave and sat and watched a little spider trying to make a web.

Time and time again the spider would fall and then climb slowly back up to try again.

If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again.

Finally, as the Bruce looked on, the spider managed to stick a strand of silk to the cave wall and began to weave a web. Robert the Bruce was inspired by the spider and went on to defeat the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.

RB cartoon

This story resonated with me so strongly as a young child, that I have strived to live my life being persistent, tenacious and with a built in will power that I never give up until I succeed.

It is my purpose to help others learn to embrace this amazing mind-set.  As a teacher, I adopt two principles – ‘be respectful’ and ‘try your best’.  This nurtures an ‘I Can’ mind-set in students whereby they try to overcome their barriers, be it social, emotional or cognitive by having a go.  I take this further by frequently telling students about the story of Robert the Bruce and the Spider.  It would serve our young people better to learn positive mind-set attributes so that they can realise their dreams and aspirations.  This would certainly lead them to being more motivated to learn what is relative to them. Try, Try, Try Again would certainly be on the agenda.

Throughout my life, this mantra has enabled me to achieve many things; some great some more ordinary.  Like completing a teaching degree despite a nasty marriage break up as a mum of four young children and every day issues around life and work.  Enhancing this mantra has been the development of a solution focused or orientated mind-set.  Again, this sees me adopting the “Try, Try, Try Again” strategies so that whatever it is that needs to be achieved, can be!

I have decided to turn my love of teaching into my new love of coaching.  Although, coaching has been part of my leadership role both as an educator and as an entrepreneur.  It is vital that this persistent mantra I have used during my life is employed again in my new venture.  This has been evident recently as I strive to build my own website and workout how things are done.  My 30 Day Blogging Challenge has demonstrated exactly how Try, Try, Try Again has worked yet again.  I spent four days working out how to add my blogs to the website so I asked experienced people, Kevin Arrow and watched YouTube videos.  Despite the number of hours it has taken me, I was not going to give up!  I could have hired someone (nearly did) but no, I like to do things for myself so I remembered good old Robert the Bruce and the Spider, gave gratitude for all I had achieved and hey presto,  my blogs are now on my website!

This is the message I want to get across to everyone out there including my clients; if at first you do not succeed, Try, Try, Try Again!  The one thing you must never do is ‘Give Up!’  Success is just one more step away.  Helping people develop this mind-set is my mission and you’ve guessed it, I will try, try, try again until I succeed!  I never give up on anyone even if they want to give up on themselves!

Never Quit