BLOG # 5    Unleash your Inner-Child


“In my soul, I am still that child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow.” ~ Papiha Ghosh 

Who said that being an adult meant that you lost your child-like powers?

Can you remember running free, arms outstretched, wind in your face and just loving the sheet enjoyment of it? Perhaps you recall rolling down a grassy  hill, dizzy by the time you reached the bottom and laughing until your sides ached?  Wasn’t life exactly how you loved it, fun, care-free and just joyous?

It’s time we all  Unleashed our Inner-Child once again! Follow these seven steps… you will be amazed just how free you will feel and the joy will flow to you, through you and from you… It’s the only time you want to be infectious!


Unleash your Inner-Child

1. Do something crazy! .       outrageous

2.Get down with the kids and pull a funny face!

funny face

3.It’s time for the dressing up box!

dress up

4. Do the thing you love!

loving things

5.Scare yourself….go to a Theme Park and enjoy the ride!

theme park

6. Spend time with some good friends and have fun!

playing with friends

7. Dance like  no-one is watching!


 What does your Inner Child do?