A Coach’s Avator


I’m loving my journey!  Who would have thought I would be able to create my own avator?  That is precisely what I did when I was asked by MY COACH to consider who my ideal client would be for my coaching business.  A very sobering thought!

I found it a very strange process.  Here I am, a very loving, considerate and helpful person.  Putting myself first…well that would be a first!  No matter what, I knew this task would take me to new depths or in my positive mindset…new heights.  I would need to search for that honest thread inside me that led to the real me!  I would need to search deep inside until I was face to face to a reflection of me!  Now that was scary!  I knew it was a must because I would have to motivate, empower and inspire others as a Confidence and Success Coach.  Instantly, I knew I had that power within so I embraced the whole process and actually found that I rather liked what I discovered.

Meet Rebecca, my Avator or in other words…the reflection of me.  Now I was intrigued how easily and swiftly the name came to me.  I decided to find out what the name Rebecca meant!


Truly beautiful, both inside and out. She laughs a lot and is always there for you, willing to listen and help. Rebecca is someone everyone likes from the beginning. You just have to look at her and you know she’s an interesting and friendly person. She’s very determined to make the best of her life and is charmingly competitive at certain things. She’s great fun to be around and always makes you feel happy.

Rebecca is the best friend anyone could have. Once you get to know her you hope she’ll be your friend forever.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, goosebumps covered my body and a sense of knowing overcame my mind and spirit!  Something stirred.  I suddenly felt light, joyful and above all else a comfort that a manifestation was taking place.  I was on this amazing ride.  Ideas, thoughts and answers were unfolding .  My self-belief was growing as was my self-confidence.  This is exactly what I am offering my clients.  This is it!  I am truly moving from an unconscious mind to a conscious mind.  I know I have found my purpose; I know I have unlocked an inspired life and I know I am on the right path to a joyous abundant life.  After all, it was my attitude of gratitude that led me to this point.

Rebecca my Avator, is my best friend.  She will keep me grounded and humbled as I hone my knowledge and skills as a coach.  She will keep showing me how she feels, how she thinks and above all else how she loves.  After all, wanting to work with clients holistically is the only way I know how.   To inspire a paradigm shift in their mindset will truly fulfil my purpose of helping others and making a difference to their lives as they seek to create a Conscious Abundant life that will make them feel an authentic Achieving Woman.

Why don’t you create your own Avator…It’s a life changing experience.

#Much love and #gratitude xxx