5 Benefits of having a Conscious Mind


Being a stickler for information and hungry for knowing the ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ I ask myself what is a Conscious Mind?  Well according to Zigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality, it is “everything inside of our awareness.”

Our Conscious Minds let us knowingly experience sensations, perceptions, memories, feelings and fantasies inside of our current awareness.  What about the things that we keep hidden from our Conscious Mind?  Well we repress these into the unconscious mind.  This is vital as Freud believed that the unconscious mind could still have an influence on our behaviour.   Ever had a Freudian slip of the tongue? conscious-unconscious

Think about the time, events and occasions when you wanted to bury the feelings associated with it.

Our Conscious Mind has four functions: identifying, comparing, analysing and deciding.  Think about crossing the road.  You identify a car coming towards you; compare it to other experiences of crossing the road; analysing whether or not it is safe to cross and finally decide to cross or not, according to speed and distance of oncoming traffic.

Being aware of everything in and around our lives, therefore, must have some great benefits.  Time to explore what these benefits might be!

1. Live in the Present

As our Conscious Mind has no memory and can only hold one thought at a time then living in the present is the best place to be.  Think of what you are doing now, enjoy it.  Thinking of the past (especially on negative things) can raise negative emotions so we feel down, fed-up and depressed.  Thinking about the future can also raise negative emotions such as worry, anxiety and those dreaded what ifs…  Instead, live in the present – Conscious Mind – think of what you want in your life.  Think of all the things you want to attract that will bring you the happiness and joy your heart and soul desires

2. Master you Mind


This is the exciting part of the Conscious Mind.  Here you get to show your mind who is boss!  Take control of it; be in charge and you decide what it is you want to focus on.  Get clarity in your life!  Think about what makes you feel alive, what brings that knowing smile to your lips and what it is you really really want to achieve that will bring you joy and happiness.  When something pops into your mind that does not allow you to be happy and positive simply say “not useful” and dispose of it and re-focus on what it is you do want!  Breathe

3. Master you Emotions 

How often have we told ourselves, “My emotions are all over the place”?  Loads, I’d hasten to add.  I know I have.  Well, like I said before, just take control.  “Oh yeah” I hear you say. Yes!  You do have a choice. Take Victor Frankl, a prisoner in the feared death camp of Auschwitz, stripped of all of his humanity, naked and scarred; he would not give into this oppression for he was in total control of what he thought and no man could deny him this right even when everything else seemed lost, hopeless!  This story is imprinted in my mind.  Here we are feeling sorry for ourselves when our friends let us down, when things do not go our way or when we try to reason with things outside of our control.  Be in the Conscious Mind, let go and tell your-self “not useful” and choose to be happy!  After all it is only yourself you are hurting…

4. Master your Awareness  

As we increase our self-awareness; just what makes us tick so too our Conscious Mind also enables us to develop relationships with others, we heighten our senses so developing empathy; being able to put ourselves in their shoes.  A key skill for life and business.  Imagine…

We experience the world through our senses.  Improving your Conscious Mind is a benefit, as you’re more attuned to sights, sounds, smells, and other input.  It’s like getting a sensory fibre optic upgrade and experience more RAM .  The world becomes a more beautiful place and you are in control.   This increased sense also impacts on our self-awareness.  We learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. As we become more aware of our ‘blind spots’ we can change them.  We seek to find out how to improve our lives.  Get a coach, take a course and mix with like-minded people.  We love to learn. Turn those areas of weakness into areas of strength.  Those imperfections that we just can’t seem to get a grip of well learn to live with them.  People who live a Conscious Mind learn to live with these and yet their self-esteem is still intact.

5.  Master your Life  

Body, Mind and Soul encapsulates what we are as humans. Being master of them and our life will truly manifest when we live our life with a Conscious Mind.  Attracting what we want for we surely benefit all we want for ourselves to be truly happy and joyous.  Remember like attracts like.  Asking yourself the question – “What do I truly want in my life?” will bring out what your heart desires.  Some of these will be more money, even dare to ask for an abundance of money; better health and fitness and inner peace. A  Conscious Mind develops heart centred power that balances your Ying and Yang – No wimping and no exerting too much muscle.   Your courage and compassion working harmoniously will also strengthen.  You will no longer feel afraid and you will begin to treat others with a conscience.  The courage-compassion balance is the essence of true leadership.

The benefits of having a Conscious Mind are endless, if only you choose to adopt this way of life, let it be and so it is.