Heart & Soul

 heart and soul

What have you put your Heart and Soul into lately?  The Free Online dictionary defines this idiom thus: “The entirety of one’s energies or affections”

This idiom for me draws connotations related to giving your all; the very best of you and every ounce of energy and fibre in your body.  The next question I ask is what makes us give our ‘Heart and Soul’ to what we do?  Passion strikes another accord.  This is probably due to the fact that I am a very passionate person, intense (as described by one of my tutors from my uni days) and above all else a huge lover of life!  Where do we find these people?  They are all around us.  Just take a look.

Go onto Facebook, Twitter and any other social networking site to find hundreds, no thousands of people giving their ‘heart and soul’ to many worthy causes.  Take Stephen Sutton for instance.  This young man gave his ‘Heart and Soul’ to raise people’s awareness to his plight and his ‘bucket list’  and at the same time making shed loads of money for cancer; sadly the disease to which he lost his battle for life.  A Hero!

Every year there is the Pride of Britain awards, again celebrating the many brave people from all walks of life who selflessly give their ‘heart and soul’ to many deserving causes.  They are remarkable people who want to make the world a better place.  They bring tears of joy and immense pride to even the most cold-hearted members of our communities.  Celebrities jostle to support this great annual event which is often attended by royalty.


“Heart and Soul” is the name given to many restaurants, pubs and beloved places.   Associated with this endearing term ‘heart and soul’, is the sense of something warm, an epi-center and alive, to which we feel a connection!  We often seek out such a place to feel energised, refreshed and comforted as there is a connection with the term ‘heart’ – pumping, life and throbbing.  Its partner ‘soul’ makes us think of something with a deeper meaning, spiritual and awesome for our very being. Gathering in these places therefore, makes us feel loved, nourished and connected with the people who hang out there.  Everyone adding to the energy of each place by giving their ‘heart and soul’ to their family and friends and the conversations that create a magnetism for more of the same.


Going back to the question posed at the start of this blog, I ask myself what have I given my ‘heart and soul’ to lately.  Well…as always I give it to my life.  Whatever, I choose to do.  I find there is no other way to live your life.  As one friend told me on venturing into the world of teaching, “You only get out of it what you put in.”  I’d say that is very much how I live my life.  Being happy, content and alive!  My new venture is being a Confidence and Success Coach.  If I can show that by putting your ‘heart and soul’ into anything your heart desires, a passion that drives your purpose and a life full of achievement and success, then I know that you may be just the person I am here to serve and help. Watch this space…much love and gratitude

Brenda xxx